Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hip Lips: on Lime Crime.

I tend to find that I try to redefine myself or otherwise step outside my bounds of normality during the transitory seasons. This is both an internal and external exercise. With this in mind, I think I'm becoming obsessed with Lime Crime.

Lime Crime has been around for a few years now, but I've only recently started trying out their stuff. The label's tagline is "so bright, it's illegal," and that's what they strive toward. I've tried both their eye dusts and their lipsticks, but I'm only going to focus in the latter for now.

Thouh I acknowledge it as a PR ploy, I also really appreciate the label's message. There's an encouragement of eccentricity and a general embrace of the offbeat. They also promote a disregard of beauty "rules" and say wear what you want, make the colors--make the look--work for you. This is something I wholeheartedly believe in. Be your own person and make your own beauty.

A couple of months ago, I started with one of their more approachable colors, Centrifuschia.

Sadly, my camera sort of zapped the life out of this color. It's much closer to the sample posted on the Lime Crime site. I love this color...a lot. It fits with my old school style, but kind of gives it an 80s electric makeover...and I mean that as a good thing. It also goes on smooth and quite opaque. Seriously, this is the lipstick I put on when I'm having an off day. It does stain quite a bit though, so the day after I use this stuff, I always know will be another lipstick day.

Recently, I purchased two of their more eccentric colors: D'Lilac and Cosmopop.

D'Lilac is a color I want to wear to every party where I either want to be the center of attention or ignored by everyone:

Definitely a lipstick I'd want to plan an outfit around. Also great with some coordinated, intense eye color. It's grey undertones make me very much want Airborne Uniorn as well.

Cosmopop is my fall favorite.

Definitely has a 60s vibe. Makes me want to put on a ton of turquoise eye shadow and thick black eyeliner and tease up my hair. Also works for just a demure color with more of a "pop" than a straight up nude. Doe Deere, the brand's creator, made a great suggestion on her blog. When working with orange lipstick, take a small amount and blend it into your cheeks as rouge. This really helps to make the color work with your skin. This is what I did for he above picture and it definitely makes a difference.

For both the latter two, I think it's also work noting that they're a bit overpowering and streaky out of the tube. I was taken aback and initially turned off when I first put each of them on. Blotting, reapplying and blending with your finger is key to make them look more "natural." Or, you know, you could use a lip brush, but I was too lazy to dig mine out.

Yes, I am slowly but surely falling in love with this brand. I will definitely seek out other lipsticks from the line as my budget allows. Next up I'm thinking No She Didn't because what could be more awesome than blue lipstick?

There's a lot of negative stuff floating around the internet about this brand. I know nothing about the politics of the company, and frankly I don't care. They deliver a strong product and something different from the everyday. Next step: match hats with lipstick.

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